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from aries to pisces, each zodiac baby book has its own unique story to tell. what does your sign say about you?

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jen neary from zodiac baby posing with three of her books leo baby, virgo baby, and libra baby

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written in the stars and proudly made in the usa, zodiac baby by jen neary is the first hardcover zodiac baby book series. it was created for astrology lovers to learn more about their child's unique greatness.

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zodiac baby books

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zodiac sign clothing

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raving reviews

"This is my second Zodiac book of the series and each one is beautifully written and illustrated. I have given both as gifts and they are so well loved and special. You cannot go wrong with the Virgo book, or any of the series written by Jen Neary!"

"My little man absolutely loves it. The page with the Tarzan butterfly stole my heart."

"We love your books at our house, you're amazing!"

"Just received - and love!  Thanks for the pretty package :)"

"This book is perfect for zodiac signs and reading !! I love it and my daughter enjoys when I read it to her."

"Beautifully written and amazing pictures -- our little guy loves it!"

I just received my Capricorn Baby book. It is so precious! Thank you for creating this wonderful book for us Moms to enjoy with our little ones.