about zodiac baby

About Zodiac Baby by Jen Neary

Starting with just an idea and an overflowing amount of ambition, Jen Neary started zodiac baby, the first hardcover zodiac book series for babies, during the pandemic in 2021.

Without any knowledge on how to publish a book, Jen had one thing on her side: She is a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp. Fueled by undeniable passion and discipline, Jen set out to create her own modern version of a zodiac baby book. The zodiac baby book series is designed for parents and guardians to learn more about their child's unique traits.

The color palette of the book carries as much weight as the words within. Jen didn't want the books to be discarded in a bin after reading. Instead, placed proudly on nursery shelves.

Kellie Lehman joined Jen's mission as the incredibly talented illustrator who brought her vision to life. Each zodiac sign book features their own color story and illustrations that perfectly match the personalities of each sign. The two worked together as a dynamic duo, learning the industry as they went. Without a publisher's guidance or an editor's fine eye, the two worked long hours to bring the 12 book series to the market.

Created by an astrology lover, for astrology lovers, zodiac baby by Jen Neary is now available at zodiacbabyco.com.