The Story Behind My Virgo Baby Zodiac Book

Learn More About My Virgo Baby Zodiac Book

I have to admit, I was unsure how to begin telling the story of Virgo Baby from my zodiac baby book series. As a Sagittarius and a fire sign, earth energy isn’t something I am very familiar with.

The beginning stages of Virgo Baby started out the same as every other book: Character Development.

When thinking about how to create the zodiac sign book for boys and girls, I needed a main character, something that would embody the spirit of Virgo babies.

I went back and forth between a few different animals for Virgo Baby. In the very beginning stages, the Virgo Baby book was going to feature a fox.

Yet, even though the fox is considered the spirit animal of Virgo, it still didn’t feel right.

Virgos are known as the planners of the zodiac. They are represented by the Knight of Pentacles in the tarot, the slowest moving knight of the deck.

They are deliberate. They take their time and think things through before they act. Then, it hit me. A sloth would be the perfect animal.

Virgo Baby features a lovable sloth who lives in the rainforest. Kellie, my illustrator, and I chose rich and vivid colors to help capture its story.

We made sure that earth elements, like leaves and vines, were prominent on the pages. We really tried to capture the down-to-earth nature of this zodiac sign.

I wanted it to feel otherworldly, too. The leaves and trees are vibrant pinks and blues to add to the uniqueness of the pages.

My Virgo Baby zodiac book has become a best seller. Just like Virgos, I am happy that I took my time with it and thought things through.

Unknowingly, I had been channeling Virgo energy the entire time. Maybe, I am more familiar with this earth sign than I thought.

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