Top 12 Summer Outfits for Kids: Zodiac Onesies for Fun in the Sun

zodiac baby onesies

12 Zodiac Inspired Summer Outfits for Kids and Babies

Summer is here, which means it’s time to enjoy some much-needed sunshine after a winter of wind and cool weather.

If you are a parent or someone looking for the best baby shower gifts, these trendy and comfortable zodiac baby outfits allow little ones to embrace the joys of summer.

My zodiac baby boutique puts emphasis on the importance of stylish and high-quality, organic cotton clothing.

I am excited to offer a handmade selection of 100% organic clothing onesies featuring each of the 12 zodiac signs, allowing your child to proudly express their individuality while enjoying the sun's warmth.

In this blog post, enjoy the top 12 summer outfits for kids, showcasing trendy styles that are perfect for fun-filled adventures.


Aquarius zodiac book and zodiac onesie

1. Aquarius Baby Onesie

Featuring a mermaid and merman, the Aquarius onesie is handcrafted from soft and breathable organic cotton and CPSIA-certified vinyl.

The mermaids are my own depiction of the water-bearer sign and are the main characters featured in my Aquarius Baby zodiac book.

Available in 4 gender-neutral colors, this comfortable design is the perfect choice for any boy or girl Aquarius this summer.

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leo zodiac book and leo zodiac baby onesie part of the zodiac baby book bundle

2. Leo Baby Onesie

Let your child's unique personality take center stage with this leo zodiac baby onesie featuring a courageous lion printed in CPSIA-certified inks and vinyl.

This stylish onesie, adorned with the confident and courageous Leo the lion, combines fashion and comfort.

The lightweight fabric ensures breathability, while the playful design adds a touch of whimsy to any Leo baby’s summer wardrobe.

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3. Gemini Baby Onesie

Gemini season kicks off the summer months! So, what better way to celebrate the zodiac sign than with a Gemini onesie.

This organic piece of clothing captures the dual nature of your child with twin monkeys playfully swinging from a crescent moon.

With its organic cotton material, nickel-free snaps, and CPSIA-certified vinyl, this zodiac onesie provides ultimate comfort for your curious explorer.

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Aries baby zodiac book and baby book

4. Aries Baby Onesie

Aries are known for being energetic and enthusiastic, which means they will be crawling, walking, and exploring everything this summer.

Keeping your Aries baby’s comfort in mind, this Aries onesie is made from 100% organic cotton, which allows for easy movement for your little adventure seeker.

Featuring the bold and confident ram printed with CPSIA-certified inks, this onesie is perfect for active Aries babies.


Libra baby zodiac book and baby book

5. Libra Baby Onesie

Encourage a Libra baby’s sense of balance and harmony with this handmade Libra onesie.

Crafted from 100% organic cotton and CPSIA-certified inks and vinyl, this lightweight and breathable onesie is the perfect summer outfit for Libra kids. It will keep your little one cool and comfortable during those warm, sunny days.

Featuring a flamingo sitting on a crescent moon, this zodiac sign onesie let’s your Libra’s personality shine.

Shop the Libra Baby collection today.


6. Virgo Baby Onesie

If you are looking for cute summer outfits for kids and babies, this Virgo onesie is a unique choice!

Made from soft and gentle organic cotton, this onesie celebrates your child's analytical and detail-oriented nature.

Its breathable fabric ensures your little one will stay comfortwhile embracing the summer sun.

Featuring a sloth and crescent moon printed with safe inks, this versatile onesie for a Virgo is perfect for playdates, casual outings, or even relaxing at home.

Shop the Virgo Baby collection today.


7. Sagittarius Baby Onesie

Sagittarius babies are known for their adventurous spirit. Celebrate their personality with this organic Sagittarius baby onesie.

Featuring a horse and crescent moon, this onesie is made from premium organic cotton and CPSIA-certified inks, making it a perfect choice for summer days and nights.

We all know how much a Sagittarius kid loves their freedom, so its breathable fabric allows for easy movement.

Shop the Sagittarius Baby collection today.


8. Cancer Baby Onesie

Crafted with love and care, this Cancer baby onesie is made from organic cotton.

It features a crab and crescent moon, which represents the nurturing and sensitive nature of this zodiac baby.

With its soft and breathable fabric and CPSIA-certified inks, this onesie is ideal for days spent at the beach or enjoying poolside activities.

Shop the Cancer Baby collection today.

9. Taurus Baby Onesie

Embrace your child's reliable and determined personality with Taurus the bull baby onesie.

With its organic cotton fabric and nickel-free snaps, this zodiac baby clothing ensures comfort during warm summer days, while the sturdy design allows for freedom of movement.

Made with safe inks, this versatile onesie is perfect for a variety of summer occasions.

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Pisces Baby zodiac onesie

10. Pisces Baby Onesie

This Pisces baby onesie captures the imaginative and intuitive nature of this water sign with its fish and crescent moon design.

Its soft and breathable organic cotton fabric ensures comfort during all their summer adventures.

Made with safe, CPSIA-certified inks and vinyl, this delightful design will spark your child's creativity and whimsy.

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Scorpio baby zodiac onesie and baby book

11. Scorpio Baby Onesie

Crafted from organic cotton, this Scorpio baby onesie features the iconic scorpion and crescent moon.

Available in 4 colors, this summer outfit helps to capture a Scorpio’s determined nature.

While they’re off exploring the world, this astrology onesie ensures they stay comfortable and stylish along the way.

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12. Capricorn Baby Onesie

Made from 100% organic cotton and CPSIA-certified vinyl, this astrology onesie showcases the determined earth sign like never before.

Featuring a goat and crescent moon, this unique and breathable fabric ensures your little one stays comfortable during all of their ambitious activities.

Available in 4 versatile colors, its the perfect choice for outdoor adventures or family outings.

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Discover the Zodiac Baby Clothing Collection

This summer, let their personality shine with this unique collection of 100% organic clothing onesies featuring each of the zodiac signs.

Crafted from soft and breathable organic cotton, these onesies are perfect for fun-filled days spent under the sun.

Embrace the energy of the zodiac signs with summer onesies that express their unique character and keep your zodiac baby comfortable and stylish all summer long.

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